COMPANIES / Garden Sharing

Acting as a dynamic intermediary, the platform facilitates beneficial collaborations that prioritise community, affordability and sustainability.

Garden Sharing

Connects two distinct groups

Garden Sharing is an innovative online platform designed to seamlessly connect two distinct groups: individuals looking for a temporary place to pitch their tent or park their caravan, and landowners with unused garden space or land.

For adventurers, nomads and travellers seeking unique camping experiences, Garden Sharing offers a diverse range of options in different landscapes and environments.

Creating Alpha

At the same time, Garden Sharing enables landowners to use their unused outdoor space as an additional source of income and community engagement. Whether they have a large estate or a modest garden plot, the platform provides landowners with the tools and resources they need to list their available spaces, set fair prices and connect with like-minded travellers looking for temporary accommodation.

Outdoor space as an additional source of income and community engagement