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Innovo Private Equity (IPE) is a leading private equity firm dedicated to making strategic investments in Europe's dynamic renewable energy sector.

Innovo Private Equity

Utility-scale renewable energy projects.

Its core focus is on the accurate development and execution of utility-scale renewable energy projects.

A cornerstone of IPE's approach is its ability to navigate the entire value chain, a key factor in enhancing profitability while advancing its sustainability goals, particularly in reducing carbon emissions. The company is firmly committed to a comprehensive evaluation framework where success is measured not only in financial terms, but also by the tangible social and environmental dividends generated.

Creating Alpha

At the heart of IPE's ethos is a commitment to delivering value beyond economic returns. It steadfastly aligns these efforts with the broader interests of local communities and ecosystems, ensuring that every initiative has a lasting positive impact.

Central to this approach is the integration of energy production with precision farming solutions. This synergy not only optimises land use but also promotes biodiversity conservation, underscoring our commitment to comprehensive sustainability practices.

Currently, IPE's efforts are highlighted by the active development of two pioneering battery energy storage systems in the UK. With a combined capacity of 980MW / 3,700 MWh.

Integrating power generation with precision investment solutions.