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Visionary holding company creating alpha and fostering positive change.

As entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector, we focus on identifying and nurturing promising seed and early-stage companies with the potential to deliver strong returns while advancing sustainability.

Holding Profile

Welcome to Innovo Group, where financial expertise meets sustainable impact.

Innovo Group is a visionary holding company driven by the dual goals of creating alpha and fostering positive change. It focuses on identifying and nurturing promising seed and early-stage companies in the renewable energy sector, with the potential to deliver strong returns while advancing sustainability.

At Innovo Group, our primary strength lies in our ability to generate alpha - superior returns that outperform traditional market benchmarks. Through rigorous analysis and strategic foresight, we use our expertise to uncover hidden opportunities and capture emerging trends in the renewable energy landscape.

Our ambition

Our ambition goes beyond financial success. We are deeply committed to using our investments to have a meaningful impact and shape a more sustainable future through the support of innovative technologies and forward-thinking ideas.

Our approach

Our approach is bold and innovative, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. We provide the resources and support needed to fuel growth and accelerate success.

Track Record

Rodolfo Bigolin

Founder & Chairman

Rodolfo Bigolin, born in Montebelluna (TV) in 1987, is Founder & Group CEO of Innovo Renewables, with a track record of successful renewable energy initiatives in Europe, North America and Asia. Innovo Renewables is a fully integrated renewable energy development platform active throughout Europe and the UK, with offices in Milan, London and Madrid.

In December 2022, Innovo Renewables established a 50:50 JV with Iberdrola whose scope is to develop construct and operate utility-scale renewable energy plants in Italy. In July 2023 Aviva, through its Aviva Investors Climate Transition Euro Infrastructure Fund, entered Innovo’s share capital, taking over 35% of the shareholdings. This transaction will secure the capital needed to support the Group’s business plan.

Prior to founding Innovo in 2022, he co-founded Horus Energy in 2017, through which he launched Suncore Energy Holding, a solar energy platform dedicated to the development, construction and management of projects in the UK, Italy and Canada, which was later sold to a Shanghai Electric Group company with a pipeline of over 1.5GW of projects.

In 2020, he launched Green Power Europe, a European platform with a pipeline of 400 MWp of projects under development, and later played a leading role in an agreement with Canadian Solar for the sale of a portfolio of four agro-voltaic plants of around 321 MWp in Sicily and Sardinia. Rodolfo’s business ventures are controlled by his holding company, Innovo Group Srl, a family office and investment company focused on investing in seed and early stage companies.

Innovo Group has its roots in the renewable energy sector and is currently expanding into other sectors, while maintaining a long-term entrepreneurial and industrial approach. Through its investments, the group employs more than 50 people in Italy, the UK and Spain. The latest initiative is T-Carica, launched in March 2024, which deals with the installation and management of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Innovo Group



2016 - Launched. development platform dedicated to Indian solar C&I market
2017 - Merged the activities with Armstrong Capital. Rodolfo held the role of Managing Director.
400 MWp - Pipeline


2017 - Suncore Energy Holding Launched
2020 - Sold to Shanghai Electric
1,450 MWp - Pipeline


2020 - Launched
2022 - Sold to Canadian Solar
400 MWp - Pipeline


2021 - Launched
2022 - Contributed in Innovo Renewables


2022 - Launched
2023 - Finalized the capital increase with Aviva
+6,000 MWp - Pipeline


2024 - Launched


Our core values serve as the foundation of our organisational culture and identity.

Our core values are the guiding principles that shape our decisions, behaviours, and connections, and they serve as the foundation of our organisational culture and identity.


We foster a culture of innovation where we eagerly embrace new ideas, technologies and approaches as catalysts for positive change in the renewable energy sector.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, ensuring honesty, transparency and ethical behaviour in all our interactions, fostering trust with our partners, investors, and stakeholders.


We have a strong commitment to sustainability, integrating sustainable practices into both our investments and our operations. By reducing our environmental impact, we aim to maximise our contribution to benefit the planet.


We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership. By working together, we strengthen our impact and achieve greater results.


We are determined to achieve excellence in all aspects of our work. By setting ambitious targets and constantly striving to innovate, we push boundaries and make progress towards our mission and goals.


Our focus revolves around proactive engagement and strategic foresight, according to four pillars:


Strategic Investment

Our strategy involves in-depth market research and thorough due diligence to pinpoint promising investment prospects within the renewable energy sector.


Active Engagement

We play an active role in nurturing and advancing our portfolio companies.


Risk Management

While we encourage innovation and strategic risk-taking, we also emphasize careful risk management to safeguard the interests of our investors and stakeholders.


Long-term Outlook

We adopt a long-term perspective, aiming to generate sustainable value beyond immediate financial gains. Our investments are aligned with our dedication to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.